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Top 20 Reasons Why You Need To See The World

1.     Meet and become close with people you never thought you would meet

2.     You have the whole world at your finger tips

3.     Despite what they say your parents can’t tell you what you can and can’t do

4.     You have the opportunity to learn new languages

5.     Learn about new cultures

6.     You automatically become independent

7.     NEW FOOD

8.     Future employment is interested to hear about your experience

9.     Empowers you take challenge yourself

10.  You make decisions and learn your priorities

11.  Learn to not sweat the small stuff

12.   You learn how to use different countries public transportation

13.   You need to see things that are older than America

14.  It will help you to appreciate home more

15.   Experience another way of teaching

16.  You’ll come back with amazing stories

17.  You have the possibility to find love in another country

18.   To find your eat pray love moments

19.  You’ll learn how to manage money

20.   You’ll never regret seeing the amazing sights and landmarks

By: Nicole Moraski 

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