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“It Takes TWO To Make A Thing Go Riiight!”

“It Takes TWO To Make A Thing Go Riiight!”

Pantone announces two colors of the year for 2016

It’s an exciting year for us color/fashion enthusiasts, there is not just one color of the year for 2016… but TWO! Pantone Color has released TWO colors for 2016 , Rose Quartz and Serenity. These colors stem from the blush and lavender families. They are soft, feminine, and modern tones that will give any woman a sense of order and peace in her wardrobe, home, accessories, or makeup.

Pantone is a precise color company they uses an intricate numbering system to distinguish color. By having standardized, official colors a wide variety of people can utilize them. Each year Pantone Color releases a "Color Of The Year", in turn this specific color becomes symbolic to our culture, and is fully immersed into our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not!

A super easy and functional way that any fashionista can incorporate these fun and flirty new colors into her wardrobe is through accessories! You don’t have to make a big statement with these colors, but they definitely won’t go unnoticed. Blazers and jackets also prove to be another way to incorporate these colors into your closet. A jacket is the perfect garment when it comes to playing with color and making a statement!

When it comes to incorporating these colors into the home, it is all about the accents. Painted, or stained side tables are a great way to create a pop of color in any living space! Also, lighting fixtures act as an excellent tool to use when applying hues into the home. Their ability to reflect colors in a muted way can set the mood within any room.

Quartz not only acts as a great color for your wardrobe and home, but as a great color to incorporate into a daily makeup routine as well. It gives a natural and feminine glow to any look, especially in the world of lipstick. It gives lips a fuller and plumper look, so pucker up! If you’re looking to soften up your eyes, shimmery quartz is the perfect go-to color. Quartz is a MUST in every girls makeup bag, whether it be in your eye shadow pallet or tube of lipstick! Serenity is a great color to use when going for a cooler toned look.  Whether it be through your eye liner, or nail polish, Serenity gives your that cool chic look you need to vamp up your spring style!

            Be sure to keep an eye out for these colors this year; you’ll find them where you least expect it!

By: Michelle Savino 

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