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Post-Midterm Stress Relief

We all know it. Those days where we feel life is chewing us up and spitting us out. And with that comes lots of pressure to shine among the masses and prove my self worth to everyone else. And I’m sure a lot of you feel this way after midterms week.

Tips on how to rest up post-midterms and keep motivated:

I know not all of us were lucky enough to flock to warm weather last week, so I have some tips to help you recharge the right way!

·       Exercise! My favorite way to realign my thoughts and feel healthy and motivated is some good clean cardio! I have been a runner my whole life and to this day I feel clocking in a few solid miles at the gym can do wonders for your body. And when you feel healthier, you tend to think healthier. Recently I have also taken up learning Yoga. As many laughed at me in the beginning it helps to keep me centered, control my breathing, and iron out the kinks, if you will, in both my muscles and my mind. When really getting into Yoga over winter break I came back and started of Spring semester very different than I had felt with other semesters; motivated, strong and confident!

·       Good Eats! I know. When you’re up late studying in the library it’s very easy to pack some less than nutritious snacks, and heavily caffeinated energy drinks to keep you energized and power through all that work. Try and take this week to rehydrate! Drink tons of water and get into a better eating habit. It’ll be easier on that waistline and will keep you from starting out the week after break sluggish.

·       Cozy Reads! Although it is smart to bring home some work to do over break to stay on track or even get ahead in your free time, I also have found it extremely helpful and relaxing to read before bed. And I don’t mean your textbooks; I mean with a really great novel and let your mind pleasurably loose itself in a great story.

If you have any other tips to share of ways you enjoy some down time and other tips to help recharge and keep motivated, share them in the comments below!

By: Meghan Fazio 

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