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Need a Caffeine Pick Me Up?

This week we found an article from on of our favorite bloggers that sparked our interest. With midterms around the corner, and the aftermath of multiple snowstorms hitting us in the classroom, everyone needs a little coffee break. Here Lo Bosworth, the Editor-at-Large of The Lo Down, reports on her favorite NYC coffee shops. 


For hard-core coffee fans she recommends:

La Colombe Torrefaction

Locations: Tribeca, SoHo, NoHo

For people that truly want to get work done:

Think Coffee

Locations: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, East Village, West Village

For Lena Dunham spotting’s:

Café Grumpy

Locations: Midtown, Chelsea, Chinatown


For an inspiring, different atmosphere:

Happy Bones

Location: Little Italy

For a west coast original:

Blue Bottle Café

Location: Brooklyn, Chelsea, Midtown


For the rest of the article and some more places to order a great brew check out The Lo Down

By: Nicole Moraski


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