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But being in college, home is a place where you can’t hang anything on the walls with a nail and one of the burners on your stove doesn’t heat up as fast as the others. It’s hard managing to improve this space to transform it into your happy place. Many people give up, throw a few posters up and call it quits; but it’s important to allow yourself to be creative, allow yourself to make this place somewhere you feel comfortable and ready to focus on that essay or relax once it’s done. Here are some ways you can do that.

Hardcover book frames and collages are a great way to show your personality and some favorite stories and pictures of yours. Attaching these items are easy, you can either go the Command Strip route or use a strong tape to attach your images.

Yes, quotes are fun. If it’s the right quote it even looks amazing in gold letters framed with a bold colored statement frame. However, beware of over quoting your home, you are 40 years away from having so many quotes you have to start embroidering pillows in your home like Grandma.

These are the basics for adding some creative aspects to your small spaces, but if you are the adventurous and craft type, there are some even more interesting ways to enhance your room.

Fabric wall hangings are an easy way to create a bohemian look in your space. There are many ways to go about creating this look. Originally, macramé was a huge trend in the 70’s, but in 2015, many are bringing the trend back in a super chic way. You can either use it as a mock head board, curtains, or even just to spice up a wall. You can even find macramé art this season at Mporium.

Everyone needs that perfect selfie lighting, and in smaller apartments, good lighting can be hard to find. One way of taking away the unsightly appearance of electrical wires attached to your lighting fixtures is to make it a statement. Embrace that ghastly, dark colored wire, by turning it into an art piece of the New York City skyline. If the cord is long enough, you can even turn it into a beautiful mantle-esk design.

Decorating your space is all about finding an aesthetic that inspires you. If taking a more minimalistic approach is what makes you happy, then do it. But if you are more invested in creating your own art, small spaces are the perfect places to really make your artwork shine. So whatever inspires you, find a way to translate it to the canvas.


By: Barbara Kirwan

“It Takes TWO To Make A Thing Go Riiight!”

“It Takes TWO To Make A Thing Go Riiight!”

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