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The Marist Ethical Fashion Initiative

The Marist Ethical Fashion Initiative

Marist’s Ethical Fashion Initiative is a new club founded this year that sees fashion as a means for development and strives to provide support to local artisans and designers of the Hudson Valley area. The club recognizes the destructive aspects of the unsustainable fashion system, and how we all take part in the system whether it be through creation, production, communication, or consumption of fashion.The club focuses on one main goal: changing the way people view fashion and demonstrating how the apparel industry functions today.

The club meets bi-weekly in round-table discussions focused on topics relative to sustainable/ethical fashion and breakthroughs in the industry. In addition, the club is working on a semester-long research project with environmental science and biology students, demonstrating the club’s interest in cross-disciplinary collaboration. This semester’s project involves researching the influence of natural versus synthetic fiber materials in the growth of bacteria present in human sweat during high levels of physical activity. The project will also study how the bacteria might affect the physical appearance, quality, and performance of the different textiles over time.

To get students involved in the initiative and help establish relationships with artisans, designers, and textile workers in the Hudson Valley, the club holds many community service events, like the recent Ethical Fashion Fair. The Ethical Fashion Fair was an incredible success featuring work from several extremely talented vendors (listed below.)  

Biti Besha Jewelry: stone accessories

Jill’s Shore Things: jewelry made from river rocks

Myriad Mirage: jewelry from nature

Equinox Goods: beaded and fringe mala necklaces and body chains

GarryOwens and Hiking: adventure graphic tees

Gilded and Burned Studio: artsy pins, chokers, and necklaces

Hudson Valley Bath Co.: locally made soaps, scrubs, and lotions

Incarnate Anew: hand stamped and personally customized jewelry

North County Classics Vintage: curated vintage clothing

Organic Art Farm: recycled leather belts, bags, and accessories

Pipi Cucu New York: canvas clutches, key chains, dog tags

Sun Dust Vintage: sustainable and vintage clothing

LaidieCloth: feminine clothing

Unique Knit Design: knit beanie and accessories   

    The Marist Ethical Fashion Initiative team consists of forward-thinking students that are dedicated to stimulating conversation and raising awareness for the sustainable fashion movement. If you’re interested in joining the Ethical Fashion Initiative, visit their Facebook  

Page, or contact for more information!

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