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Senior Spotlight: Bryn Gorberg

Senior Spotlight: Bryn Gorberg

This week we got to know senior designer Bryn Gorberg. Keep reading below to learn more about her life as a design major, and make sure to follow the @maristfash Snapchat to see Bryn take over for the day! 

K&E: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, if you have a minor, anything you’d like people to know about you?

Bryn: I’m Bryn Gorberg! I was born in the Bay Area, California and moved to Princeton, New Jersey in 2006. To complement my Fashion Design major, I chose to add minors in Product Development and Global Studies. I am also a member of the Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams and the President of Toastmasters, the public speaking club, here at Marist. Oh, and I have a dog! Her name is Cali; she’s hands down the cutest dog ever!


K&E: What has your 4-year journey in the Marist fashion program been like?

Bryn: It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, without a doubt. I have so many emotions when I think of my four years. From the excitement of a good critique to the disappointment of a failed scholarship attempt, to the stress of hours and hours of homework in the lab, I’ve experienced it all. It’s taught me to appreciate things for the way they are and enjoy the process.


K&E: What is a typical day for you like while capping as a senior designer?

Bryn: I don’t have a “typical” day because, honestly, every single day is different. On average, I wake up in time for my morning Collections Capping class and I always arrive early to grab a table. I stop by Donnelly Café for my morning coffee and maybe breakfast if I’m too lazy to make it myself. I usually work through class, checking things off my very long to-do list. I’ll get a quick lunch with other fashion friends in the one and only, Donnelly Café, and then head to track practice at 2 pm (sometimes it’s workout day, sometimes it’s an easy distance day). Then I’m back in the lab sewing, sewing, sewing, until my Toastmasters meeting in the evening.


K&E: What inspires you as a designer, where do you find inspiration?

Bryn: My main aspiration is to make a difference in the world whether it is through sustainability or simply making the customer feel confident. My sources of inspiration vary from places I’ve traveled to, or paintings I am connected with.


K&E: How has your work changed in the time that you have been a design major at Marist?

Bryn: When I look back at my work completed during my sophomore year, I am shocked at how much I have improved in such a short time. I remember being so stressed over whether or not I was going to finish making one garment and now I am making 6 or more. My work is definitely more sophisticated and defined. I’ve figured what I really enjoy designing, and that is activewear.


K&E: Are there any specific designer(s) that inspire you?

Bryn: Regarding ready-to-wear designers, I am mostly drawn to contemporary brands like MILLY and Electric Feathers. As for activewear, I love Adidas by Stella McCartney, Outdoor Voices, Nike, Michi and The Upside. I really like how these brands are blurring the line between ready-to-wear and active clothing.


K&E: What is the hardest part of being a design major?

Bryn: I don’t know if this is necessarily the hardest part of being a design major, definitely an annoying aspect, is that not many people understand what we do. Very rarely for the major do we have to write a paper or study for a test Being a design major requires a lot of focus, problem-solving, and hours sewing and drawing. The work that we do it quite tedious and time-consuming. The worst feeling in the world is sewing a garment wrong. It’s like when Microsoft Word closes out on you before you’ve saved your paper.


K&E: Do you have any hobbies outside of fashion design?

Bryn: HA! What free time? I always smile when people ask me this question. I do find time to relax by watching cooking competition shows on Netflix or through my newfound obsession, hand knitting. I love drawing and going for runs to clear my mind; I’m also a big skier! I also love exploring new local restaurants with friends.


K&E: What advice would you give to younger designers or prospective Marist Fashion students?

Bryn: Don’t EVER let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. Balancing a sport and Fashion Design is not an easy task, but with dedication and motivation, it’s not impossible. Believe in yourself and don’t let outside voices tell you otherwise.


K&E: Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process/design process?

Bryn: I usually begin my design process with a Pinterest Board. It’s an easy way for me to have all of my thoughts and images in one place. I start with one broad concept and collect as many photos as possible. I look for photos or garment inspiration that convey the same story that I am trying to portray. After that, I'll drape, sketch, and develop fabric manipulations based on my inspiration. From there, I narrow my ideas to create a cohesive collection.


K&E: How do you get your ideas from concept to the finished product?

Bryn: Because I have A LOT of prints in my collection, the first task is to develop them and have them printed in NYC. Then, in the meantime, I use a flat sketch as a reference and start patternmaking the silhouette because I love math. Then, I’ll cut everything out in rough draft fabric and check it’s fit on either a dress form or myself. After adjustments are made, it’s time for final fabric! From there, I add the finishing touches, like hems or embroidery, and voila! It’s a completed garment! (Wow this makes it seem so simple)


K&E: Could you describe your collection in three words?

Bryn: Bold. Powerful. Athletic.


K&E: Describe the women/man who would wear your collection.

Bryn: My collection is targeted toward the luxury woman who enjoys working out and staying fit. She looks for clothing to help her transition throughout her busy lifestyle. She is attracted to bright colors, bold prints, and innovative fabrics.


K&E: Have any personal experiences inspired your collection?
Bryn: My participation in sports, specifically Cross Country and Track and Field, influenced my collection. I wanted to mesh together my most prominent interests.

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