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Kacey|Shana Waterwear

Kacey|Shana Waterwear

With Spring break right around the corner, we thought this week was the perfect time to introduce Marist Fashion readers to one of our amazing raffle donors, Kacey|Shana! Kacey|Shana is the collaboration of two friends who spent summers on the beach, and used their personal experiences and travels to create a unique yet effortless swimwear line. This week we had the opportunity to talk with Kacey|Shana and learn more about their story and collection. Keep reading below for our exclusive interview, and make sure to visit and the Kacey|Shana Instagram page for more! 

K&E: Fun facts about yourself / backstory of the company?

KS: Kacey|Shana is designed for the sunbather, surfer and yogi. Kacey is a surfer and Shana is a yoga instructor, so we combined our lifestyles designing a luxury waterwear brand. It is important for us in each design that all pieces are comfortable and functional, featuring distinctive silhouettes.

K&E: Did you study fashion in school or is this just a passion?

KS: Shana studied fashion and Kacey studied business in school, but we both have always dreamt of designing our own swim line.

K&E: What made you decide to create a bathing suit company?

KS: We were inspired to create a waterwear lifestyle brand interconnected with the ocean and your well-being. Kacey, a surfer, and Shana, a yoga instructor, created a waterwear brand for the sunbather, surfer, and yogi that is unique and wearable on your board to sandy mat. We both grew up spending summers at the beach and both always being so active wanted to combine our passions of the ocean and well-being by creating a swimwear line.

K&E: What is the overall aesthetic of the company? What message are you trying to get across to the girls purchasing your suits?

KS: Kacey|Shana is a chic, well-made, functional and comfortable luxury waterwear line.  We set our waterwear to be versatile and fashion forward incorporating mesh inserts, laser cutouts and sleek silhouettes, while also staying true to our love for activities in the ocean and the yoga studio.

K&E: Do you have a personal favorite piece?

KS: They are all our favorite! It’s so hard to choose! For Kacey, it’s probably the white Capri, which is  both chic but also versatile when surfing. For Shana, the Maldives. It’s so comfortable and allows me to run after my toddler, Summer.

K&E: Do you design your swimsuits on your own or with a team?

KS: We do all of the designing ourselves from our inspiration boards, sketching and picking fabrications.

K&E: Where do you find most of your inspiration for the line?

KS: From our travels! Seeing different places is one of the best sources of true inspiration.

K&E: What has been the most rewarding part of owning your company?

KS: Seeing our pieces on girls' vacations all around the world - from Iceland to Washington state, it’s so rewarding to see girls feel beautiful in our waterwear!

K&E: Where do you see the company in the future? Do you want to open a store? Branch to more than just bathing suits?

KS: We would like to design a second collection and start selling in speciality retail stores.

K&E: Anything else that you would like to share with the readers?

KS: As women in business, it’s important to support other women and if anyone is interested in interning at Kacey|Shana, feel free to reach out to us :)

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