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Senior Spotlight: Camilla Bowden

Senior Spotlight: Camilla Bowden


This week we got to know senior designer Camilla Bowden. Keep reading below to learn more about her life as a design major, and make sure to follow the @maristfash Snapchat to see Camilla take over for the day! 

K&E: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, if you have

a minor, anything you’d like people to know about you?

Camilla: My name is Camilla Bowden, but the fashion girls call me Cam. I’m from Radnor, PA and I also lived in Italy my freshman year and Hong Kong for my Junior year fall semester. I am majoring in Fashion Design and have a minor in product development.


K&E: What has your 4-year journey in the Marist fashion program been like?

Camilla: My 4-year journey in the Marist fashion program has been very eventful. I started out studying in Florence in the FFE program, which opened my eyes to new cultures and experiences. Coming back to the main campus was very different with A LOT more work than freshman year. I learned to be confident in my work, to define my aesthetic and balance my time. Fashion is my life, and through these four years my best friends have been from fashion design, and the final 16 senior designers are all so amazing and such good friends.


K&E: What is a typical day for you like while capping as a senior designer?

Camilla: I write a to-do list. A lot. So I try to get into the studio by 10, which is not that early because I like my sleep. I try to work on one garment or sketch for my accessories class until lunch. Mostly we all eat in Donnelly together and then continue working until I have class or dinner. I usually stay until 10 and continue hand stitching at home.


K&E: What inspires you as a designer, where do you find inspiration?

Camilla: Most of my inspiration comes from traveling. Growing up I traveled with my family, and then I got the travel bug in college. I love the different cultures and experiences I have had in each place. It is very important to me that I have a strong connection to my inspiration.


K&E: How has your work changed in the time that you have been a design major at Marist?

Camilla: My work has gotten more sophisticated through the past few years. I started fashion illustrating when I was seven years old, and always wanted to do evening wear. I have learned to create more cohesive collections and develop my illustrations even more. I dabbled in athleisure last year and learned that I love the process of designing ready-to-wear better than athletic wear.


K&E: Are there any specific designer(s) that inspire you?

Camilla: Vera Wang is a huge inspiration to me with her ethereal in mystical aesthetic whether it’s her bridal line or Ready-to-Wear. She uses light fabrics and always makes a woman look as beautiful outside as she is on the inside.


K&E: What are the hardest parts of being a design major?

Camilla: The hardest part of being a design major is time management. I write lists and try to prioritize what is most important from design classes to my core classes. It is a great balancing act, and you always need to leave time for activities and friends outside of fashion so you have time to breathe.


K&E: Do you have any hobbies outside of fashion design?

Camilla: Outside of fashion design I like to hike on the weekends I don’t have much work. I love cooking (gluten free) and shopping, lots of shopping!


K&E: What advice would you give to younger designers or prospective

Marist Fashion students?

Camilla: I would tell young designers to be confident in themselves and know what they want. As a designer and artist you must have thick skin because your peers and professors will be giving their own opinions and critiques on your designs. Being confident in your work is key.


K&E: Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process/design process?

Camilla: I start out with a ton of drapes on a mannequin with different shapes and techniques that I can work from. I may do five different sketches for each thinking of different ways that shape can go on the body. I enjoy making prints and dyeing fabric throughout my design process to make more unique fabrics.


K&E: How do you get your ideas from concept to the finished product?

Camilla: From the concept to the final product I look at the final sketch I have and usually drape from that sketch instead of pattern make to get a more organic effect. In my collection I have a lot of hand dyed fabrics, so the last thing I have to do is take the sewn garment and dye each piece.


K&E: Could you describe your collection in three words?

Camilla: Elegant, Sophisticated, smokey


K&E: Describe the women/man who would wear your collection.

Camilla: The woman in my collection is between 45 and 55 years old who is the most fabulous woman in the room. When she walks into that room all eyes are on her. She works really hard for what she has, and her children are out of college so she can spend money on herself. She goes from work to events seamlessly and fabulous.


K&E: Have any personal experiences inspired your collection?
Camilla: My collection is called Reborn, and is inspired by my mom becoming more spiritual than religious and studying Buddhism. My home is very relaxing where we all take time to meditate. Meditation is a way where you can get rid of the bad events in your past and look towards a brighter and better future.

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