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Senior Spotlight: Paige Yates

Senior Spotlight: Paige Yates

This week we got to know senior designer Paige Yates. Keep reading to learn more about her life as a design major. 

Fun Facts:

Paige grew up on a horse farm in Rochester, New York. She is fashion design major with a double minor in fashion merchandising and product development. She loves to ride horses, hike and ski. Paige also loves to paint, read, and draw. She is a huge travel and culture junky!

K&E: Are there any specific designer(s) that inspire you?

Paige: I am super inspired by Mara Hoffman’s ethical outlook on the industry. I also love the designer Carol Callahan’s work.

K&E: What has your 4 year journey in the Marist fashion program been like?

Paige: It has flown by and has been a tremendous growing experience. I have learned so much about being an individual in this industry and also obviously about the art of fashion design.

K&E: What is the hardest part of being a design major?

Paige: Time management for sureeeeeee and also the cost of materials but managing the huge workload along with other classes and internships is pretty hard to get used to.

K&E: How has your work changed in the time that you have been a design major at Marist?

Paige: Oh my gosh? Its nowhere near what it was. I literally had no concept of what fashion design meant before I started here. I have definitely matured in regards to my creativity and being able to center it upon a concept for a collection. When I first started I had so many ideas bouncing around in my head, when they were translated into clothing they came out as a blob. Now, I feel more able to pinpoint the important aspect and build off of that in relevant detail.

K&E: What is a typical day for you like while capping as a senior designer?

Paige: I wake up pretty early, run & practice yoga. Then I either work all day in the lab or at home in my room all day. I also am working part time as an assistant designer for a small sustainable/ethical resort wear company in NYC so I spend at least 2 days per week in the city as well.

K&E: What inspires you as a designer, where do you find inspiration?

Paige: I find inspiration most often through a thread of thoughts that leads to one solid concept that I can work off of. Most of my thoughts and inspirations end up becoming focused on things derived from my natural surroundings or organic concepts that work out into something creative. My main inspirations come from cultures and amazing beings throughout the world.

K&E: Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process/design process?

Paige: I start with finding an inspiration and then work a lot from there with draping in order to find silhouettes. I photograph the drapes and then use aspects of the ones that I like throughout my sketchbook. Past that it’s just narrowing it down to the ones you like and usually the vast majority of my original designs that I decide on change by the final product.

K&E: How do you get your ideas from concept to the finished product?

Paige: It is a lot of trial and error and also a crazy amount of problem-solving. The last few steps consist of pattern making, pattern corrections and then sample making and sample corrections. The biggest challenge is getting these creative and outlandish ideas to translate within a garment which is wearable and sellable to a specific client base.

K&E: Have any personal experiences inspired your collection?

Paige: My travels are huge inspirations to my collections. I also find a lot of inspiration in things that I dig up about my family and their travels. My current collection is greatly influenced by textiles and photographs that I found in my grandparent’s basement. They traveled to Guatemala and throughout South America often in the 60s and 70s for mission trips and to offer dental care to the locals.

K&E: How would you describe the aesthetic of the collection?

Paige: Organic, ethnic and environmentally aware.

K&E: Could you describe your collection in three words?
Paige: Colorful, comfortable and classic

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