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Senior Spotlight: Katherine Janiszewski

Senior Spotlight: Katherine Janiszewski

This week we got to know senior designer Katherine Janiszewski. Keep reading below to learn more about her life as a design major, and make sure to follow the @maristfash Snapchat to see Kat take over for the day! 

K&E: Tell us a little about yourself. 

K: My name is Katherine Janiszewski, but around here everyone calls me Kat. I’m from Connecticut but I am a second generation American with the greatest family that combines amazing traditions from Portugal and Poland. If you see me around campus I’m probably in black or white except for a scarf (I’m always cold). One of my favorite hobbies is knitting, which luckily connects to my major, but for most of my high school I have been involved with broadcasting, which is what I would do if I wasn’t in fashion.

K&E: What has your 4 year journey in the Marist fashion program been like?

K: It’s been a hectic but amazing experience. The people that I have met in the program have become like family to me, we are constantly helping and learning from each other. I’m thankful I was able to spend 4 years with such fun, creative and talented people.

K&E: What is the hardest part of being a fashion design major?

K: Time management. It’s something that I can still struggle with at times. This semester I am taking 6 classes (including capping) and working in New York once a week. Luckily we all try to keep each other on track.

K&E: What is a typical day for you like while capping as a senior designer?

K: It’s hard to describe any one day, but for the most part I am up before 9 and try to get into the studio for at least a few hours between classes or after work on the days I am in the city. This is my 3rd semester doing some form of capping so capping comes naturally at this point. I don’t think many people know that the design majors have 3 capping classes over 2 semesters, which can sound overwhelming.

K&E: What inspires you as a designer, where do you find inspiration?

K: I don’t have one specific thing or area that inspires me. Last year I was inspired by bells and by extension foundry workers. This year I  was inspired by the phrase “casting a dream,” the concept of pain and empathy and my collection is based on the phrase “environmental graffiti.” So there is a range of what inspires me. Overall I guess I am interested in the idea of decay and making that beautiful through my work.

K&E: Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process/design process?

K: In general, once I have a concept of what I want to do from a single photo I start collecting images that I also think will work with the idea and bring me closer to my idea or a unifying concept. From there I tend to make a few prints on the computer to get some ideas of color and style. From that point there is a lot of sketching, some draping on a dress form and lots and lots of edits.

K&E: How do you get your ideas from concept to the finished product?

K: It all starts from a sketch for me, then working with a fabric I believe will work with the overall mood. Once I find the right fabric, I move forward from there to work in 3D. In general lots and lots of changes, thinking, fittings and edits all come together to make the final product. No matter how small the detail might seem there is thought that must go into it, and usually lots of opinions that must be taken into consideration.

K&E: How would you describe the aesthetic of the collection?

K: The aesthetic of this collection I would describe generally as fun and easy.

K&E: Could you describe your collection in 3 words?

K: Lively. Comfortable. Zippers.




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