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Putting the Pieces Together

How one girl thrived through the temper tantrums of Autumn temperatures.



You can survive this. That nagging feeling of dread as you walk to class in your thickest, wool sweater slowly realizing that you should have checked the weather forecast before you left your house. High seventies does not look good on you as you are now running frazzled, confused, and possibly over-heating back to the house to change. What is the easiest way to avoid this scenario?

Layers. Everyone knows that, but why is it so hard to remember as we’re getting ready for our daily looks? Like winged eye liner, putting together the perfect-layered look can sometimes be harder than it looks. This season, instead of scrambling to find the perfect looks for this fall, check out our check-list with some cool trends of this fall to keep your look standing out.

A good way to enhance your fall look is to pair alternative textures. A lightweight sweater with a denim jacket is a sure way to stay comfortable without over committing to heavy and constant warmth. Mixing other textures such as sheepskin or suede, or adding large prints with more common and subdued fabrics can really add to a look as well.

Photos from Urban Oufitters

In addition, jeans are an easy staple piece for temperature changes.  For all the Pumpkin Spice lovers and coffee fanatics, American Eagle Outfitters is also bringing an exciting announcement for this fall. On National Coffee Day, the brand announced that coming this October 15th, they are launching their Denim X Café line. The line consists of jeans that contain used coffee grounds in their fabric content. Each pair of jeans has 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds. One of the best parts of this news is that the price ranges from $49.95 to $54.95. 

These pants are a coffee lovers dream; not only are they an exciting addition to any wardrobe, but are also stacked with benefits.

A positive effect of adding coffee grounds to the jeans enhances the deodorizing components that are naturally found in the coffee grounds, which means they do not need to be washed as frequently as traditional jeans, leading to less worn out jeans that normally occurs from over washing. The jeans have been treated to reduce any remains of the coffee bean fragrances, so there is no need to worry about smelling like your favorite espresso. In addition, the coffee also adds UV ray protection from the natural chemistry of the coffee grounds.

American Eagle posted this two pictures on instagram, captioning the right: ““We’re brewing up our love for AEO Denim X & Flex Cafe. We took our revolutionary high performance stretch even further by making it with 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds per jean. #Regram @calliereiff #AEOSTYLE #ButFirstCafeX”

Celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens campaign the brand’s new jeans by posing in the jeans on their instagrams. Vanessa Hudgens’ man, Austin Butler, also represents AEO’s new jeans, for the men’s line Denim Flex Café.

Another trend is the laced up look. Taking note from your sneakers, this look is both alluring and casual, yet can be the statement detail of your outfit. This detail has been captured in all forms, from skirts to tops, it is also seen in another trend for fall as well. A company that portrays this trend really well is LF Stores, shown below. 

If you’d like to have the two-for-one special, lace up your knee high boots. Knee high boots are a growing trend, capable of adding a wow factor to your going out outfit, or dressing up your everyday dresses., ASOS KEEP IT REAL Peep Toe Over The Knee Boots  ($144.00)

Boots hold a special place in our hearts for fall, and with this season, it’s time to allow them to grab the attention they deserve. One way people have been styling their latest accessories is through boots with bold colors. Some key colors of this fall are electric orange, deep blue-purple, fatigue green, blush pink, and brick red.

However you decide to style your look this fall, the important part is to love the way you look. So style away this fall, enjoy that pumpkin spice latte, and try not to think about the next wardrobe challenges to come from the approaching snowy winter.

By: Barbara Kirwan

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